Mick, Keith, Raj and Margaret have done some fantastic work over the last few years to keep the Sports Club up and running for all of us to continue enjoying our weekly fix, brilliantly supported by some very loyal friends and family who hold a similar love for our club. I know we are all indebted to them and take this opportunity to sincerely thank them.
The guys have asked on several occasions for some support in joining them and help keep the club running and moving forward in the right direction to help secure the clubs future. Some members of the Sports club sections, namely Football and Cricket, joined with Mick and held a meeting on the 15Feb with a view to help Mick and the team take the club forward and spread the workload around.


The above committee aim to meet once a month initially whilst there are pressing matters to resolve


The Club are facing a number of significant financial challenges and have outstanding commitments to various utility companies and also Crawley Borough Council. There is an immediate requirement to agree a payment plan with CBC in order to secure the Council's signature on a new lease.

There is an urgent need to generate more revenue at the club whilst at the same time driving down costs. The Committee are reviewing various options to meet both goals.

An initial increase of 10% in bar prices has already been implemented and a meeting with the brewery has been arranged to review current prices. The annual Sport's Club subscriptions are being looked at for both adults and juniors. Some of the clubs current suppliers will be looked at in an attempt to negotiate a better deal than we are currently receiving, alternative suppliers will be considered for better deals.


The Committee is looking to hold more functions at the club and individual sections are being encouraged to organise events. These events could be a Bingo Evening, Beer Festival, Ladies Pamper Evening, Curry Night, Race Night, the list is endless. The idea of a monthly 100 Club has been discussed and we hope to go ahead with this very soon so please look out for details. If anybody has any ideas please bring them to the Sport's Club Committee or direct to your own section's Committee.

If anybody particularly ladies would like to get involved in joining the Committee we would love to hear from you.

Please don't forget that the Sport's Club is YOUR Club and the ongoing viability of it is down to YOU and other members supporting it. If we all want to continue to enjoy the facilities including the cheaper bar prices then we have to be prepared to spend time there and support events that are organised.

Finally don't forget that as a member you are entitled to cheaper hiring rates for parties and functions so if you have something coming up that you or your family want to celebrate hold it at YOUR CLUB!